Party Bus Rentals

Party Bus Rentals With Style

If you are planning a birthday celebration, then there is no better choice than having a party bus. Party buses are extremely fun because you and all your friends get together inside a bus and drink, talk and dance while the bus driver is focused on taking you to your party destination. No one has to worry about being the designated driver, the party bus rentals remove all the stress from the equation.


Party bus rentals and limo services are not only fun but also efficient. Having your whole group or party in one vehicle just makes everything easier. You won't have to worry about five or ten cars trying to follow each other to an event location (like the aforementioned free limo to male clubs). You don’t have to worry about that one person who will definitely get lost along the way (get it together Chad). You won't have to worry about someone getting stuck at a red light (Chad again). You definitely won't have to worry about the hassles of trying to find secure and safe parking for everyone in your caravan. A single mode of transportation can quickly resolve all these issues.


Chicagotrans Limo is the number one prom limousine company in the region, and we will rock your socks off with our fantastic limo services. There isn’t much to dislike about our services really; our vehicles are always spick and span, our drivers are friendly and exceedingly helpful, and our prices are nearly impossible for our competitors to match (especially, match without reaching the same level of quality as Chicagotrans Limo). Remember, don’t leave your important prom night transportation plans, in the hands of a subpar service that is probably going to overcharge you as well.